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Appreciations for paying attention to Ekang and products.

There will be explanations of Ekang TPI system.
Ekang has been manufacturing Automatic Insulating Glass Production lines
for 26 years possessing significant level of know-how.

The first purpose of introducing Ekang TPI line to your factory
is producing high quality insulating warm spacers.
Secondly, streamlined processes would improve productivity and cut labor costs by 50%.
At the end, our objective is to provide stable lines with top-line functions that would achieve as above.

There are two solutions for you.
First is, purchasing the FULL-SET new TPI line.
This is the optimum, but requires high costs and space.
Alternatively, retrofit strategy can be chosen
which is synchronizing Inspection station-TPI applicator-Gas press
with your existing production line.
This would turn the line into TPI line.
As a result, space limitation would be solved and investment reduced.

After installation the compatibility of communication with the existing interface
would cause no production problems. Obviously, auto sealing
would have to be pushed back a little to procure the space.
Ekang TPI system has interface compatibility with any production line over the world.

We would be desired that our solutions satisfy your needs.
Once your plans are organized, we shall provide consulting on engineering by Ekang.
We will engage faith to be your gratified partner.

Yours Faithfully.

Your Best Partner with Ekang

Company Status

* Corporate Name : EKANG TECH CO., LTD.

* Factory : 310-15, Toseong-Ro, Hyangnam-Eup,
Hwasung-city, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

* Contact : TEL +82-31-319-0060 / FAX +82-31-629-5042

* Category of Industry : Special purpose oriented machinery manufacturer

* CEO : Lee Dong Won

* Business Registration Number : 140-81-34151

* Corporate Registration Number : 135511-0197860

* Main Product : Double-glazed glass production lines and materials, automation machinery and special purpose oriented machinery manufacturer

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