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Launching cutting-edge TPS automatic production line 4th generation full change

The new 2020 production line applied with convenience and innovative technology

2nd invention

10 years experience

Patent 10-2019-0178294

Spacer corner shaping equipment for TPS extrusion for insulating glass

Patent 10-2019-0178293

Applicator and its control system for spacer corner finish shaping equipment equipped by insulating glass TPS extruding system

Ekang Tech Co., Ltd., which is specialized for TPS insulating glass production lines, launched new 2020 production line 4th
generation full change model and opened a show at its factory to existing customers.

A line of this product has been installed and in operation at the factory of Kaneung GBM Co., Ltd., which is a duo-light club of HanGlass.
TPS automatic production line of insulating spacers is now in evolution and the number of customers introducing this product is increasing.
LG Hausys first introduced TPS technology in Korea market and Korea is becoming the advanced country for this.
The world market is fascinated with TPS technology and expanding fiercely.

Ekang Tech Co., Ltd. full change model was started from upgrading old version.

However, it was felt limitation for exporting competitiveness strengthening with just upgrading and therefore,
the full change model is launched with addition of new functions.

This machine developed by this company for 2 years has advantages of stability, uniformity and diversity of the shape of insulating spacers which influences the quality of spacers and of the spacers themselves, improvement of distributing and production speed enhancing productivity and the new functions which will satisfy whatever is required by clients.

TPS technology was invented for the 2nd in the world by Ekang Tech Co., Ltd. and it has been 10 years and so introducing TPS insulating spacer production line in Korea with LG Hausys.
The 1st generation of the product, based on PLC operating system, had limitation for speed, function, quality, durability and productivity so it did not give impact in the market apart from price competitiveness.
Afterwards, Ekang Tech Co., Ltd. was accepted as an official vendor company and went through infinite confrontation overcoming technical ability and was equipped with price competitiveness compared to imported competitors.
After all these, the 2nd generation was launched and also the 3rd, which was based on PC operating system.

The 3rd generation was adopted with NC operating system controlled by PC central control system and the independent assist control used PLC system.
All these adoptions led to 2 times faster head speed improving productivity and TPS quality and this got good reputation.
At this moment, old version lines have been upgraded to the 3rd generation standard.
Customer claims all corrected. Faster gas filling leading to high quality and high speed production Ekang developed Korea¡¯s first independent technical skills at the time TPS was not well known and has been supplying TPS lines to the market.

Ekang is customer-oriented consistently communicating with customers and collects the data for upgrading.

Imports competing in domestic market are continuously trying by upgrading and model full changing. But they have chronic problems such as high component and repair costs and late actions leading to production stop.
The newly launched 4th generation full change model has solved all the problems so far and will meet customer needs by additional functions which are good enough compared with imports. To add, gas press is seen better in quality and functions.

The result of improvement in insulating glass gas filling time is that, for 99.9% filling rate, it takes 2~3sec for 1§³ glass. And, the gas filling time for max. glass size 2,500mm x 4,000mm has shortened from 40~50sec to 15sec.
In case of TPS insulating spacer triple-glazing glass gas filling, previously 4-stepped press system was not able for back side filling. For 4th generation, 4-step function is removed and now back side filling is possible meaning gas filling can be done at two sides.
TPS insulating spacer 1§³ can be produced 75 to 80 trillion per hour. As a result, output has increased over 60% which is more competent than aluminium spacer system.

Patent registered for main connecting system and head rotating system

The point of new full changed TPS automatic production line is main processing system. From registering patent for main connecting system and head rotating system, it is being an opportunity for producing high quality TPS insulating glass.
The modification is adding corner joining system to diagonal joining system and registered a patent for this (patent no. 10-2019-0178294). Obviously, the joining point can be either vertical or horizontal.

Customer claims which have been about the appearance of the joining point of the gap within TPS insulating glass product are now solved by corner joining giving diversity for manufacturers.
Another patent has been registered for invention of slip-ring of caterpillar rotating system of TPS head preventing disconnection and extending lifetime.
Also, there was modification of flow of existing line, for which the air floating system was modified for stability of transporting washed glass and distribution flow and designing is done for easy change of sensor position according to glass size.
The contamination of air floating and board plate was due to sealant and foreign substances were not easy to be washed so they had to be used in dirty condition.
Now, the seam, which is easily contaminated, is removed from air floating board plate and board plate is all coated leading to easy removal of foreign substances and clean condition is kept always. In case of tempered glass and laminated glass, glass was easily bent on the conveyor and now, there is additional device for this solving curving problems. As a result, default rate is eliminated.
Water supply system is improved for washing machine so that washing water flow and hot water shortage have been solved for pumping in winter. Washing glass thickness from 3 to 12mm and automatic mechanical operation from 3 to 17mm can be set for option.

There was modification of inspection station, for which single bar is changed to double bar and safety function is added. If operator gets inside the inspection station, auto stop prevents accidents. Before, there were problems with slow gas filling and pressing leading to bottleneck phenomenon for overall flow of the line. Now, fast gas pressing more quickly sets the next process, auto sealing meaning high productivity.

The newly invented system for setting colors of machines is the 1st in the industry. With 10 years experience of the TPS technology, Ekang is starting overseas expansion having completed application and registration of trademark in Europe, America, China and obviously Korea.
2 more patents related to this preparation were added at the end of last year making in total 6 patents completed for application and registration.

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