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TPI System

TPI  Thermoplastic Spacer Insulating Glass Production Line Movie

TPI Line- part description

[  Washing-drying part  ]

* Can be washed upto 10mm thickness glass (17-20mm / option)

(With automatic glass thickness detection, glasses of different thickness can be washed simultaneously)

* Automatic detection of Low-E coating surface.

* 3Pair Brush Type (4pair brush / option)

* Each Brush operated individually.

* Brush bottom and top can be cross-changed making the lifetime of brush 2 times longer.

[  Spacer assembly part and inspection station  ]

* Quick and easy processing with horizontal / vertical guide bar.

* Lighting system provides precise inspection of foreign substances from glasses leading to zero default rate.

* Quick and easy cleaning of glass rear surface by opening station rear doors.

* Stable transporting of glass with double metallic guide bar

* Safety precaution by auto stop when operator gets into between two guide bars.

[  TPI Applicator part  ]

* Can synchronize Inspection station-TPI applicator-Gas press with existing I.G line.

* Both metal (aluminum) and TPI spacer can be produced.

* Dual-pump-system makes it possible for non-stopping supply and extruding TPI material.

* Spacer width controllable for on-line production

* No additional pre-processes for spacer bending, sawing, connecting, filling, butyling.

[  Gas filling, press part  ]

* High speed gas filling and high gas filling rate (1/2sec, 2.5/15sec, for 99.9%)

* Auto control of gas filling level according to glass size leads to gas consumption reduction.

* Triple insulating glass gas filling possible. (4steped glass option)

* Dual Press for jumbo Size.(option)

[  Auto sealing robot  ]

* High sealing quality with stable and precise sealing control.

* Automatic detection of glass thickness and depth of spacer.

* V type belt prevents belt surface contamination from sealant.

* Two component sealant type (polysulfide and silicone/ 2pumps option)

* Automatic double and triple sealing possible

* Automatic double sealing for triple glass (option)

EKANG TPI LINE [ Thermoplastic Spacer Insulating Glass Production Line ]